Probably a distinctive feature of Twentieth Century art also consists of the fact that the art works must be done "differently," not "better." Indeed it is impossible to paint a "black square" better than THE "Black Square."

Once I heard (a true story?) about Charlie Chaplin, who participated in a competition of his doubles and took only third prize. From my personal experience I can conclude that the decisive factor is not so much the contestants as the judges.

What stupidities was it still possible to think up after Armenia finally obtained independence? Consider neighboring Chechnya: for the sake of independence they destroyed the country for many years to come. Armenia received independence on a silver platter. Not one building was destroyed, the factories were operating, the subway and television were working, and to throw ALL THIS to the wind...

...He was convinced: adequately expressing his era was possible only with the aid of contemporary materials. The artist consciously worked for the prepared viewer (the future viewer, of course obviously one couldn't think of exhibiting or even showing to friends anything like this is those years), knowing how to gaze into life, loving to read, and to think over what was read.